Catching Up

Well I’m back after a lovely, relaxing time at the lake. I didn’t get any reading or writing done then so I’m playing catch up. Here’s what has caught my eye lately:

There’s quite a bit floating around related to Ann Voskamp’s book, One Thousand Gifts. Following Tim Challies’ review (a review that was cautionary, but not shrill) in which he warned of the dangerous mysticism presented in the book, the author contacted him and invited him to dinner. That was certainly a gracious gesture and one that earned praise from Christianity Today’s women’s blog. Her kindness however does not negate Challies’ justifiable reasons for concern over this book.

Others have weighed in, including Sola Sister Cathy Mathews who writes that “Ann Voskamp appears to have been profoundly influenced by Christian Panentheistic Mystics, if the recommended reading list from her blog is anything to go by, and is also herself introducing Christian women to this concept of Panentheism in her book One Thousand Gifts, albeit a highly poetic, eroticized, “Christianized” version of Panentheism.”

Mathews writes of the bondage she was involved with through Christianized Panentheism before she got saved. You can read more of her personal story (and warning about One Thousand Gifts) here.


Today’s post on Men of Mud is all about Saving Faith. Be sure to check it out.

Dan Delzell writes about the spiritual dangers of hypnosis and yoga for The Christian Post.

Amy Spreeman at Stand Up for the Truth urges Biola University to stand strong after Biola Queer Underground announced its presence.

I think I retweeted this last week. It’s an older article from Letter of Marque but a very good one asking the important question: What if Rick Warren’s Premise of ‘Learning to Think Like a Fish’ is Dead Wrong? I was mulling this over as I obtained my fishing license for my weekend at the lake.

Lighthouse Trails offers a warning about J.P. Moreland’s book, Kingdom Triangle.

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