Sound Bites: On Creflo, CEF and Genocide and Threats to the Gospel

From Washington Post’s OnFaith twitter account: “The devil knows that in order to discredit the message, you need to at first discredit the messenger.” -Creflo Dollar

Actually, Mr. Dollar – your message discredited you long before these allegations of violence against your family. Your claims that Adam was “an exact imprint of [God],” that Adam was a God, and that Adam made the animals instead of God are completely contradictory to the Bible and your prosperity false gospel is too.

From Letter of Marque: An Unrepentant ‘Porn King’ Teaching in the Temple of God?

It is just absolutely shameful for The Rock Church to have Ron Jeremy speak in church. Read Letter of Marque for a scriptural breakdown of several reasons why.

From The Guardian: How Christian fundamentalists plan to teach genocide to schoolchildren.

I wish I was kidding about that headline, but in fact I found that spit-out-whatever-you’re-drinking headline this morning thanks to a tweet. I’m honestly shocked I didn’t see it sooner. This is ridiculous. I find it incredibly difficult to believe that Child Evangelism Fellowship (CEF) is going around promoting genocide, yet that is precisely the idea conveyed by this article.

From 9Marks – a Q&A “What are the most dangerous threats to the gospel today?”

This is a very good list and I hope you’ll check it out. All of the items on it, from the attack on penal, substitutionary atonement to “all paths lead to God” are very real problems today. I personally would add the alarming levels of biblical illiteracy, even within the church. After all, how can you share a gospel you don’t understand (or understand wrongly)? How can you spot false teaching without understanding the word of God?

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