Ancient Heresies and Why They Still Matter

Thanks to Pirate Christian Radio I found out that Phil Johnson of Grace Community Church is doing a series of messages on ancient heresies. I’ve listened to the one on Gnosticism and agree completely with Johnson that this heresy is enjoying a resurgence in the world today. Here are just a few points I’d like to highlight from that compelling message:

After being asked why he was doing a series of sermons about historic heresies, Johnson replied: “The people who devised these errors might be dead, but the errors themselves are not. And every one of the errors that we’re going to be discussing in this brief series is alive and well today in some form.”

What is Gnosticism? Johnson said “Gnosticism is an attempt to blend pagan philosophy with Christianity.” “This heresy is so diverse and so complex that it is notoriously difficult to define,” but “the central idea” is that “Gnostics believe that the key to saving truth lies in a hidden knowledge that goes beyond what is revealed in Scripture.” Salvation requires “possessing the secret knowledge.”

What does it look like today? According to Johnson the new age movement “is really kind of a mirror of ancient Gnosticism.”

Why is the Gnostic resurgence dangerous? “Because Christians today are more ignorant of the Scriptures than any generation in church history,” Johnson said.

Check out Johnson’s very important sermon on this heresy as well as his previous sermon on the Judaizers courtesy of Pirate Christian Radio.

Historical Heresies: Gnosticism

Historical Heresy: Judaizers

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7 Responses to Ancient Heresies and Why They Still Matter

  1. Julia says:

    I just saw last night that Fighting for the Faith has another ancient heresy message posted. You can now listen to The Arians Part 1 by Phil Johnson:

  2. Jesaja 66:2 says:

    Amen. Let’s get aware and imune against those heresies – and let’s warn others.

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