Headlines: Rick Warren, Zambia, Authority of Scripture and Evolution

Who knew I’d have reason to bring up Rick Warren again so soon?

Lighthouse Trails Research reported that Warren has given “hearty” endorsements to new books by Dr. Amen and Dr. Hyman (two of the three Daniel Plan doctors) who are proponents of mantra meditation (NOT biblical meditation).

LHT said: “As we prepared the news story below about Rick Warren’s recent endorsement of Dr. Daniel Amen’s new book, it came to our attention that Rick Warren has also this year placed his endorsement on the back cover of Dr. Mark Hyman’s new book, The Blood Sugar Solution.  Hyman, like Amen, is a proponent of eastern-style meditation practices. In his book, Hyman calls New Age meditation advocates such as Deepak Chopra, Dean Ornish, Dr. Oz, Daniel Goleman, and Christiane Northrup his “co-creators in medicine’s transformation” (p. 374).Rick Warren’s endorsement sits on the back cover along with the names listed above. His endorsements of these two books will have profound implications on untold numbers of people, including Christians.”

Read the rest at the LHT blog.

A Twisted Crown of Thorns shared a genuinely sad tale from a Zambian pastor and a young man who came to church looking for advice on how to be successful, rather than how to be reconciled to God.

Ken Ham’s June 25 letter at Answers in Genesis called on believers to call the church back to the authority of God’s Word. “Yes, one of our priorities is to help bring reformation—reformation to the church. Since I began in this ministry 35 years ago, I have always had the conviction that there was a great need to call the church (as well as the entire culture) back to the authority of the Word of God,” Ham wrote. His entire letter (in which he expresses deep concern over clergy uniting with atheists to promote evolution) can be read at Answers in Genesis.  (On a related note – Defending.Contending. has an article about a Roman Catholic Cardinal calling Adam and Eve mythology)

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2 Responses to Headlines: Rick Warren, Zambia, Authority of Scripture and Evolution

  1. cleansedbygod says:

    I was someone who unfortunately grew up on the lies of the RCC. Fortunately, God has shown me the truth and helped me on the straight and narrow path.

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