Resurgence Finds its Purpose?

Erin Benziger over at Do Not Be Surprised noted that popular mega-church pastor Mark Driscoll’s Resurgence conference will be welcoming Mr. Purpose Driven himself this year.

She wrote:

Since Mark Driscoll typically is lauded by the “new Calvinist” camp, the choice of these particular speakers is interesting. Many who follow Driscoll and the ministry of The Resurgence may be surprised to find a schedule packed with seeker-driven motivational speakers.

The lineup for the October 2012 event includes Rick Warren, Greg Laurie, James McDonald, Craig Groeschel and more. Continue reading at Do Not Be Surprised.

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1 Response to Resurgence Finds its Purpose?

  1. John Downey says:

    Driscoll has never been good at discernment, I rember listening to a sermon once when he said he believed Osteen was a christian….I just pray the rest of the A29 network would distance themselves from him as he contnues down the slippery slope…but sadly, I don’t think that’s going to happen.

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