Why Haven’t We Reached the “Unchurched”?

This was published a few days ago at Christian Post, but I only saw it last night. It’s an insightful list of “10 Reasons We Have Not Reached the Unchurched” written by Thom S. Rainier.

Among the list are “spiritual lethargy,” pluralism, busyness, disbelief in hell, fear and more.

I think this list hits a number of nails on the head, although it could stand to hit them harder. The only one I didn’t quite agree with was number 9 “Failure to invite.” I don’t view the lack of inviting unbelievers to church as a big problem because I don’t believe it is the right tactic. It also correlates directly to my dislike of the term “unchurched” which I think is misleading. Going to church doesn’t make someone a Christian, it merely makes them “churched.” And just getting non-Christians into church shouldn’t be our goal, in fact I don’t even think it should be our method. The New Testament model of evangelism indicates that believers are commanded to go (outside the church) and share the gospel, then as people receive the message and are converted they join the ranks of the churched.

Still, I think the list is pretty good and worth reading to see if we are using any of those excuses for not witnessing to unbelievers. I will confess fear is often my biggest hindrance.

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