Giveaway: Is that You Lord?

I think it is high time I did another giveaway. Here are a couple reasons why. Last week Warren was mishandling Psalm 46.  Also, I think many true Christians are confused about how to hear from God so I have decided today is the day for a contest.

I’m giving away a copy of Pastor Gary E. Gilley’s book: Is that You Lord? Hearing the voice of the Lord, a biblical perspective. Keep reading if you’d like to know how to win. 

I don’t know Pastor Gilley and he has nothing to do with this site. I just ordered a couple more copies of his book and want to give one away because it has been a tremendous help to me in understanding what the scriptures say about hearing from God and in correcting errors in my own thinking. There are few books I highly recommend, but this is one of them.

Now for the giveaway. To enter just comment (respectfully) on this post and be sure to use a valid email address. If you are on twitter, I hope you’ll also be kind enough to retweet this posting so that others may enter as well. I will pick one winner at random after midnight wednesday and announce the winner by the end of the week.

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8 Responses to Giveaway: Is that You Lord?

  1. Lisa Stevens says:

    Thanks for persisting!

  2. Donna Banks says:

    I just started following your posts about a month ago and have found many of the posts to speak directly to issues that I was thinking about and/or have thought about in the past. The reason I would be interested in the book is because I am currently leading Henry Blackaby’s “Experiencing God” Bible Study and would think this book would give me more information/ideas about how to encourage the women to really hear God as He speaks to them.

  3. I am new to your posts, but have enjoyed them. This sounds like a book I would like to read. Thank you for sharing the truth.

  4. Allen Gregory says:

    This is definitely a must read book.

  5. Jeff says:

    Sounds like a book I would be interested in, as well. It sounds very similar to a book I read back in the eighties, Decision Making and the Will of God.

  6. Ray Dixon says:

    Thanks for the giveaway. I catch some of Pastor Gilley’s writings on Apprising Ministries and I’ve enjoyed them. I’d love to win this book, but if not maybe one day I’ll pick it up.

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