Quitting, Reshaping and More

Not only is this the shortest month of the year, but it has been a pretty busy one for me between work and lindy hop. I am still doing quite a bit of reading though, just not enough to keep up with my Kindle orders. I’ve decided to make this a regular feature of the site, sharing some bookish thoughts on the last day of each month. 

Quitter by Jon Acuff

A friend and former editor of mine recommended this book to me a long time ago. I think I actually started reading it sometime last summer, but throughout January and February I managed to finish it off. First, Jon Acuff is a funny guy. His self-deprecating humor made this a pretty fun read. Second, don’t let the humor fool you. Acuff is talking about some serious stuff in Quitter, whether you are a serial job quitter (he was) or someone who needs a reality check about the hard work it will take to make your dream job your day job this book will challenge you.

Reshaping it All by Candice Cameron Bure

I’ll be honest. I didn’t buy this book because I’m terribly concerned with weight loss or getting into shape. I bought this book because Candice Cameron wrote it! Because I watched Full House when I was a kid and I still do sometimes when it is on TV. And because I was dying to hear more about how she became a Christian, handled being a celebrity and more. So far I’ve ready a little more than half the book, and I’ve gotten more than I bargained for, including a healthy perspective on appetite, diet, weight loss, and self-discipline.  She incorporates Scripture throughout and it has been reshaping my attitudes towards food and exercise in a good way.

Emma by Jane Austen

I’ve only barely begun rereading Emma, my favorite Austen novel. I picked it up again because I was writing about Mr. Knightley for my Valentine’s Day post. Emma is a total brat, but I love her. Sadly, it may take many months of reading a chapter here and there before I finish it. 



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