Pirate Christian’s Warning about History Channel miniseries

If you watched The Bible last night on History Channel, or plan to watch it, be sure to see how it stacks up to the real Word of God. Chris Rosebrough (@piratechristian) was expressing concern about it last week and he’ll be talking about it on Fighting for The Faith today, so be sure to listen in. Here’s what Rosebrough has already said on Facebook: 

If you’re going to watch the History Channel’s miniseries, The Bible, please remember that the book is sooooo much better than the movie!

I just watched an extended preview of the History Channel’s miniseries The Bible and that thing is a Purpose-Driven twisting of the Bible!! No Joke! It’s overtly PD. Details and examples on Monday’s episode of Fighting for the Faith.

If you had high expectations for the upcoming History Channel miniseries The Bible…you may want to lower your expectations. Look at who the board of advisors for the project were. http://bibleseriesresources.com/board-of-advisors

My initial thoughts? I watched some of the miniseries last night and was frustrated by the additions to the text, the omissions and the lack of context. For example, Abraham’s near sacrifice of Isaac and God providing the actual sacrificial ram. Then the Passover should have been explained further and connected to Jesus Christ and Calvary. Sadly, they weren’t.

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4 Responses to Pirate Christian’s Warning about History Channel miniseries

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