The ‘Good’ of Good Friday

It’s Good Friday. What a strange name for the date we recall Jesus’s agonizing, sacrificial death on the cross. But when combined with the resurrection of Jesus on Easter, this is not only good news, it is the best news!

As Al Mohler writes, “And what is of first importance? ‘That Christ died for our sins in accordance with the Scriptures,’ and ‘that he was raised on the third day in accordance with the Scriptures.’ The cross and the empty tomb stand at the center of the Christian faith. Without these, there is no good news — no salvation.”

Mohler’s Good Friday post today is called “Of First Importance: The Cross and Resurrection at the Center.” It is an excellent reminder, especially today, of the centrality of the gospel that provides salvation. I hope you’ll read it.

And in case you’re in the mood for a great hymn this morning, here is one of my favorites: The Old Rugged Cross.

Lastly, be prepared for evangelism opportunities this Easter weekend. White Horse Inn has some advice for “Communicating the Claims of Easter.”

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1 Response to The ‘Good’ of Good Friday

  1. Jesaja 66:2 says:

    Thanks – especially for your link to The Old Rugged Cross – which is even available (and sung) in Indonesian language here!!

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