March Reading Madness

I hope everyone had a great Easter celebration. I enjoyed church and then hosted a dinner for 12 so I was busy yesterday. That is why this wasn’t posted before now and why I didn’t write anything yesterday.

Last month, or more accurately the last three days of March, I managed to finish two books and read a third in its entirety.

I finished reading Candice Cameron Bure’s book: Reshaping it All. It is obvious that she is a lovely woman who loves Jesus and although I might quibble with a few small points she made I enjoyed reading it and was challenged to examine the areas in my own life where I’ve let the flesh take control and have not been self-disciplined. With God’s help, one choice at a time I’m trying to change that.

It was a tough month and I need some fun reading so I picked up Shannon Hale’s book: Austenland. It was light, it was fun and it was encouraging to not be as Austen-obsessed as the book’s protagonist.

Lastly, but most importantly. This weekend I tackled Josh McDowell and Dave Sterrett’s book: Did the Resurrection Happen Really? It is one of their Coffee House Chronicles novellas. McDowell is a Christian apologist and former agnostic who has delved deeply into the historical evidence for Jesus’s life, burial and resurrection. This book is written in fiction form, but makes an intellectual case (complete with Biblical and historical citations throughout) for Jesus’ resurrection. I rarely recommend books, but this one is worth it. It’s also a fast read thanks to the fiction format. Also, the Kindle format is listed currently for less than $5 on Amazon.

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