Last week was a challenge. I came down sick Sunday afternoon with what I thought was a cold. Monday was the worst and I did little other than sleep. I managed to work the rest of the week with cold meds, but felt nearly as bad by Friday as I had the beginning of the week. I managed to see a nurse on Saturday and she confirmed that I had a sinus infection.  I had sort of figured that out myself on Friday when it felt like there was an anvil sitting on my face. 

Thankfully I was able to get antibiotics, which have since run their course, and I’m feeling much better (just a slight cough still). I’m also on allergy meds now which I hope will prevent another infection. The illness was part of the reason I was unable to blog last week. The other reason was a business trip that took me out of town for two days. This week, I’m just overwhelmingly busy thanks to work and a dance event I’m helping run this weekend. But I hope to return to regular blogging again after this weekend of lindy hopping (also known as DCLX).

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