Don’t Miss List 6.20.13

I had a spike in traffic yesterday so it seems many of you cared about that church that turned back from the contemplative path. I know it encouraged me tremendously and I hope it did the same for you. Today, I’ve got another Don’t Miss List for you.

101 of Contemplative Prayer

It may seem innocuous or even good, but unfortunately contemplative prayer is mystical and unbiblical. Please read this post from Empowered by Christ so that you’ll understand what this is and what is wrong with it (hopefully) before it infects your church!

Equipping Your Mind

In 2 Timothy the Bible says that it is the Scriptures that are God-breathed that equip us to do every good work. Along those same lines, Stand Up for the Truth interviews author Barney Browne of the Green Bay, Wis., area. Browne has written this book, Equip Your Mind with the Word of God, that serves to share what the Bible says on many, many subjects.

The Deep Dark Hole of Discernment

Jenna at Truth or Trend shares her view of discernment blogs and explains why she thinks there is such “venomous hatred” for them in evangelicalism.

Book Review: Celebration of Discipline by Gary Gilley

This is an older review of a book that seemingly everyone owns, but I think it is important because this book introduced many of the spiritual practices and mysticism that is almost inescapable today.

Exodus International to shut down after president’s apology to gay community and “I am Sorry” says Exodus President to Homosexual Community

Religion News Service reports that Exodus is shutting down while SUFT has the apology of Exodus’ president on its website.


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