Atheist church?

This is a story from The New York Times that left me scratching my head: “In the Bible Belt, Offering Atheists a Spiritual Home.”  It just seems very odd to me that atheists would want to gather for church-like services to sing together and hear a message. I mean, why not just go to a local lecture, or have some fellow atheists over for dinner, or go to a concert together?

I’m also left wondering what songs they sing and what sort of messages this former preacher turned atheist delivers. You’d think they wouldn’t want to meet on Sundays, since the very reason Christian churches meet on Sundays is because of the day Jesus Christ rose from the dead.

I get the impression from the story that this appeals to atheists who left Christian churches and miss the “community” of church. But that leaves me with much more concerning questions for everyone who sits in a pew or folding chair on Sunday morning: Why are you there? Is this just about community for you? Or just the way you were raised? Or are you there to worship the God of the universe, to be equipped to minister to others and to hear his Word preached?

I’ve said before that I think there is major epidemic of people who think they are Christians filling up Sunday services, but who have either 1) not heard the gospel 2) not understood it 3) not accepted it 4) are believing in a false gospel. Just like Falsified authors Vincent and Lori Williams say they were for a long time.

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1 Response to Atheist church?

  1. jane says:

    If I were an atheist this would be perfect! 2 Thessalonians 2:4

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