Don’t Miss List 6.27.13

How Should Same-Sex Marriage Change the Church’s Witness?

Yesterday’s Supreme Court decision poses some serious questions for Christians and the church. I think Russell Moore’s thoughts about this timely subject are worth consideration.

Sola Scriptura (5): “God told me” and the Sufficiency of Scripture

Jesaja 66:2 shared this piece by Mark Dever. Here’s just a taste: “I think of another friend who attended an evangelical student fellowship, where for two hours the students sang and prayed earnestly and pleadingly that God would speak to them, all the while with their Bibles lying there closed on their seats. This is the problem that “God told me” piety brings for the sufficiency of Scripture. And where we pastors and elders do not understand that Scripture is sufficient, we cannot be surprised if our church members, in sincere search for the truth, wander off to Rome on the one hand, or liberal subjectivism on the other looking for some kind of sufficient authority. Mormons particularly exploit evangelical weakness on this issue of being uninstructed about Scripture’s sufficiency.”

The Joy of Not Sinning

Tim Challies has another thought provoking piece. This time it is about the sanctification of the believer. “The Bible is indispensable in sanctification. Literally. You cannot and will not grow in holiness without reading God’s Word, without submitting yourself to God’s Word, without applying its truths to your life. And yet the Bible does not zap away sin any more than my salvation does.”

The Myth of Friendship Evangelism Debunked

If you don’t know what’s wrong with the notion that if you live a Christian life the people around you will eventually notice and ask you how they can become a Christian, perhaps this post from Not Ashamed of the Gospel will enlighten you.

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