What I’m Reading – July 2013

I’m feeling even more bookish than usual after my trip to West Virginia. I spend the weekend with a very dear friend of mine who also happens to be quite the bookworm. We had a lengthy discussion of the books we were reading as well as our backlogs of books to get to.

The Kitchen Boy

I found this for a few dollars at Barnes and Noble and it was quite the page-turner. It’s mystery, history and tragedy all rolled up in one — centered on the final days of the Romanovs and their horrific murder.

Growing Up Amish

I also read Growing Up Amish this month. It’s a fantastic book and brings up some very important theological questions. As Amish fiction that idealizes that life and culture continues to proliferate this memoir is a must read. You can read more of my thoughts about the book here.

Crucifying Morality

I’m about halfway through R. W. Glenn’s book. Here’s one of the passages I highlighted.

“It may have come across as though you had better achieve the qualities celebrated in the Beatitudes or you were out of luck. But nothing could be further from the truth. It is no accident that the Beatitudes contain no imperatives whatsoever … Instead, they are the qualities that begin to characterize sinners who encounter God’s grace in the gospel.”

Bonhoeffer: Pastor, Martyr, Prophet, Spy

I began reading this over the weekend while I was out of town. I’ve only managed the first chapter so far and with the rich history involved it will probably take me some months to get through it. But I’ve heard it is a wonderful book.

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