Exceptional Piety or Mysticism?

I really appreciate what Joel has to say here. While I’m not especially familiar with the new calvinism movement, I am deeply troubled by the popularity of mysticism disguised as reliance of the Spirit.

5 Pt. Salt

JoelThroughout much of church history there have, time and time again, arisen movements and behaviors within the Church, which many view as exceptionally pious. Our own day is no exception. Within camps of the new Calvinism movement, the popularity of this type of behavior seems to be on the increase, with no signs of letting up.

The main characteristic to which I am referring consists mainly in the reliance or guidance of the Holy Spirit apart from the Word of God, and specifically apart from the moral law of God. Separating the work, or seeking the guidance of  the Spirit, apart from the Word of God is nothing new, and has been an error that has creeped into Christendom for centuries.

While many hold that such practice is merely a version of Christianity, they seem to not realize that, in actuality, it is a departure from it. One of the…

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