David Prince: Advice on how to preach Christ from the Gospels

Stand Up for the Truth shared a link to this the other day in The Daily Watchman. I read it and decided to share it as well. It comes from David Prince, a pastor in Lexington, Ky. and an assistant professor at Southern Baptist Theological Seminary. Prince writes about preaching Jesus Christ from the gospels in a way that avoids simply moralizing. It is a trap to think that just because you are using a text from Matthew, Mark, Luke or John, that you’re presenting the gospel. Hmm. Reminds me of a book I’m reading

Here’s some of what jumped out at me in Prince’s magazine article:

“Simply mentioning Jesus or preaching about an encounter in the life of Christ does not constitute preaching Christ. Whenever we jump from the biblical text straight to us we are guilty of treating the Bible as if it is all about us instead of all about Jesus. Moralistic, atomistic sermons that abstract moral principles apart from the gospel of Jesus Christ are anti-Christ, even when the principles are drawn from a particular episode in the life of Christ. When the sermon’s preeminent aim is to ask and answer the question, “Where am I in the story? What do I need to do?” the result is a sermon in which the Pharisees opposing Christ in the Gospels could have said, “Amen!” (John 5:39).”

All too true. Go read the rest of what he had to say at the SBTS Resources page.

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