Don’t Miss List 8.26.13

I survived the International Lindy Hop Championships. I’m tired and sore, but it was a fun weekend of watching some of the finest lindy hop dancers in the world compete and getting to dance with people from all over the country and the world.

But enough about that, here’s a Don’t Miss List for you:

Jesus on Every Page 

I mentioned this new book from Pastor David Murray last week and just wanted to remind you all that he is giving away a lot of freebies if you buy before the end of August.

Letter to a Struggling Gay Christian

Don’t let the title fool you. This letter by Augustus Nicodemus Gomes Lopes isn’t just about homosexuality, it’s about salvation, temptation and sanctification. No matter what kind of temptations you face this is a must read piece from The Gospel Coalition.

Being True To Yourself is Living a Lie

This piece by Trevin Wax (also posted at TGC) is an important reminder that the world’s notion of being true to yourself is a destructive lie and is in conflict with how the Bible tells Christians are told to live. Beware the “tyranny of feelings.”

Make the Bible Your Native Tongue

H/T to Tim Challies for this post from Desiring God. Tim Kimmel writes about the need for personal Bible time, even with the abundance of tweets, books, podcasts and more at our disposal. An excellent reminder to make the Bible your first language, not your second. My two cents: Eat the steak, not the sweets.


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