Don’t Miss List 9.6.13

I’m driving up to Connecticut today for a weekend of dance classes, but before I do I’ve got a Don’t Miss List for you. It covers a wide range from what Arab Spring is doing to Christians, logic, secondary revelation and more. So without further ado:

Destruction of Christianity is the Result of Arab Spring

This Voice of Russia piece tackles a different angle of the Syrian conflict than most of the things I’ve read: namely what has Arab Spring already done to Christians in the region and what would the end of Assad’s regime mean for them.

How Logic Can Help Save a College Student’s Faith

Dave Sterrett writes at The Gospel Coalition blog: “Logic is a friend to people of faith and can be an aid for students to maintain their faith. But it is not the only factor in maintaining religious convictions.”

Podcast: Fighting for the Faith episode from Aug. 22

I’ve been catching up on F4F podcasts this week and this episode is a must because in it Brian Zahnd (as a proponent of contemplative mysticism) explains the origins of supposedly Christian mystical experiences and twists the Bible in order to support them. His explanation and Chris Rosebrough’s expose should help you understand why this is not biblical prayer at all. The episode all includes a truly terrible sermon from life experience instead of from the Scriptures.

The Scriptural Foundation for Sola Scriptura

My twitter friend John Downey over at Dead Pastors Society has let the Bible do the talking on this very important subject of Sola Scriptura. Be sure to check it out.

How the Seeker-Sensitive, Consumer Church is Failing a Generation

I was surprised to see this article published by Christianity Today. Although I don’t think it goes far enough in exposing the seeker-sensitive/church growth marketing model as a false gospel, it does at least call for a return to the gospel because it recognizing this kind of church is failing millennials.

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