Music Monday: New (to me) Gospel and Worship Finds

One of my recent trips out of town was for a dance event focused specifically on soul and Motown music. I’ve been a fan of soul and Motown music for years and have wanted to learn how to dance to it so I went up to Connecticut. It was a ton of fun. One of the “classes” was a lecture about the history of soul music and how it was formed by merging gospel (church) music with secular R&B. The DJs that were giving the lecture played a number of musical samples as they recounted the history of gospel, R&B and, eventually, soul.

This is how I discovered The Dixie Hummingbirds. At one time they were part of the 1920s-style “jubilee quartet” kind of music. I really liked their sound and have been enjoying this particular album on Spotify. You can also listen to samples at Amazon.

Speaking of Spotify, I often use it to have background music on while I work. The other day I decided to look up a Christian group I used to listen to in the 90s: FFH. Does anyone else remember the song “Big Fish?”

As it turns out, FFH released an album called “The Way We Worship” last October. I’ve really been enjoying it in the past week, especially “Come Thou Fount,” “First Love,” and “Glorious King.”

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