It’s certainly been an interesting Thanksgiving week. I arrived at my folks house on Monday. My family welcomed me with open arms and a steak dinner. I am so blessed.

Honestly, my week’s been pretty good. I’ve gotten to see family, old friends and to work on Christmas presents. But my parents are having a really tough week. Things just keep breaking. When I arrived, they were working on their furnace, after trying to fix the upstairs tenant’s furnace. I know nothing about furnaces so I’ve been absolutely no help to them. Don’t worry, we’re not freezing. We’re just all sharing one old furnace as my parents try to set up two new furnaces for installation. Mom’s car started acting up and still isn’t fixed.

On Thanksgiving Eve, another tenant called to say there was no hot water. Broken hot water heater. Things just keep breaking down.

I don’t think we’ll forget this holiday for awhile. But perhaps by next year, we’ll be able to laugh about it.


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