What I’m Reading – November

As the holidays get closer, I find my spare time disappearing. Still, this month I managed two books and started a couple new ones.

Fierce Women by Kimberly Wagner

I needed to read this book. And honestly, I’ll probably need to read it again. You can find my mini-review here.

Beyond Ordinary by Justin and Trisha Davis

I’m about one-third of the way through the Davis’ account of their marriage, the sins that harmed their relationship, and their advice for making an extraordinary marriage.

Dear Mr. Knightley by Katherine Reay

This was an impulsive purchase. I went to Barnes & Noble to find presents for my family and ran into this book by accident. The pink cover caught my eye and I was smitten by the title (Mr. Knightley has always been my favorite of Austen’s leading men). I knew nothing about the author but snapped it up anyway. I was finished reading it the next night and was pleasantly surprised by the plot and the message. It actually had less to do with Austen than you might think. I was less surprised by the conclusion.

The Big Book of Christmas Mysteries edited by Otto Penzler

I’m a fan of the holiday whodunit, actually of any whodunit, and when I spotted this massive collection on the same Barnes & Noble trip it was only a matter of time until I nabbed it. I decided on the Kindle version because the book is unwieldy. It was also less than half the retail price of the printed edition.

Me by Katharine Hepburn

A good friend gave me this autobiography of my favorite actress for my birthday earlier this year. I finally picked it up. 

I’ve continued to work my way through Scripture Alone by Dr. James White, Writing Tools by Roy Peter Clark (I now want every book he’s written!) and Bonhoeffer by Eric Metaxas.

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