Nine Million Reasons to Read Another Jesus Calling

Sarah Young’s book, Jesus Calling, has sold over 9 million copies as of 2013. It is my sincere belief that book is subtly deceiving millions of people and that is why I’ve warned about the book in earlier posts.

Warren Smith, a former New Ager who became a Christian, has written multiple books warning about New Age practices and philosophy invading Christian churches through sermons, teachers and books. If anyone would recognize New Age thought, it would be someone who spent years practicing the New Age right?

Smith’s new book, Another Jesus Calling, tackles Young’s tremendously popular book as well as the book she herself says inspired her to start listening for God’s voice, pen in hand. Another Jesus Calling is a must read book. (Read on to learn about the giveaway)

Perhaps Young’s methods or her book already makes you uncomfortable. I hope that is the case. If that is where you stand, it is my opinion you should still read Another Jesus Calling to be equipped to warn your brothers and sisters about it. Isn’t that our responsibility as believers? And as popular as it is, I’m sure someone you know from church or work or elsewhere is soaking up Young’s book.

Perhaps you love Young’s books and see no problem with her methods. Then I beg you to read Another Jesus Calling with an open mind and prayerful heart. Smith compares what Jesus Calling, and what God Calling say to the Scriptures to see if they agree with or contradict the Bible. Over and over again he finds them in conflict with the Bible. He also finds them eerily similar to New Age teachings.

This probably goes without saying, but I want to make it clear that I don’t know Warren Smith personally and I do not work for him or his publisher in any way. I simply think he and Lighthouse Trails have published something that is much needed right now.

Because I think this is book is a must read, I’m going to give it away.  In fact, I’d like to give two copies to someone. One for them to read, and a second copy for them to give to someone they know who has been or is being influenced by Young’s book. Rules: Leave a comment here, or tweet to me @steakandabible and let me know you want to win Another Jesus Calling. I hope you will also let others know about the giveaway. Entries close Friday, Jan. 11 at midnight (Eastern). Winner will be announced the following week.

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18 Responses to Nine Million Reasons to Read Another Jesus Calling

  1. Debi Martin says:

    I would like to win a copy of this book. Too many people are caught up in the Jesus Calling book and don’t see the dangers.

  2. Another Jesus Calling sounds like an interesting book and I would like to read it!

    I found your site after I read the first few pages of Jesus Calling and stopped where I read that she was writing down what God directly told her. I was just appalled at that and wondered if anyone else was appalled too. I then googled and your site popped up where you were questioning that very same thing. Since then (Christmas before last when I received my copy from a friend) there are now many critics of Sarah Young’s book. It amazes me that anyone would admit what she admitted doing (divination) and then it also amazes me that people reading her book don’t stop when they read what she admitted she was doing and be totally appalled. It’s even weirder to me when I hear people actually on her side and saying what she is doing is perfectly OK and how they accept it hook, line, and sinker!

    It sounds interesting that an author would even go further than just stopping there where she admits her spirit writing but actually investigating what else is wrong with the entire book. If already in just the first few pages someone as dimwitted as me found such a big flaw, I wonder what other big flaws a big named Christian author could find in her books. Even without starting a “witch hunt”, and truly objectively searching, I’m guessing many more real flaws could be found than I’ve already found just by understanding her method of writing. She relies less on the Bible if at all (which Christians should cling to as a light in a dark place until the Sun rises in our hearts) and mostly on what’s she’s hearing from the voice in her head which could take her anywhere. There’s absolutely no proof at all that the voice she is hearing is God but we are just supposed to take her word for it.

    Therefore the Another Jesus Calling book intrigues me. I would like a chance at the giveaway book. If not, I’ll probably go out and buy it and check it out. Thanks for letting me know about the Another Jesus Calling book.

    I appreciate what you do Julia and I know sometimes it’s tough sticking your neck out like you do for the truth of the Word!

  3. I too would be interested in reading Another Jesus Calling, though I’ve not read Young’s books it sounds from the information I’ve gathered about it, that she is not the only one with some “out there” ideas. I see those kinds of things encroaching more and more among even conservative Christians. We need to be able to refute those errors. Thanks for offering this drawing.

  4. David says:

    I can’t understand where you’re coming from with your caution about Young’s Jesus Calling. My wife has taken to reading it after a long hiatus from any Christian connection, and it has made a remarkable change in her for the better. She has gone to the bible looking up the provided texts and then makes comments filling 11×8 papers with the impressions that the Lord has given her as part of her morning sessions with Him. These things she writes reveal the deep ways the Lord is reaching her and she gives evidence in her joy. She is bearing good fruit in a capacity that I have not seen in her in years.
    I would surely be interested in receiving, the book, Another Jesus Calling, in order to see just what the alarm is all about.

    May the Lord bless and keep you.

  5. Jen says:

    I’d love a copy of this—as I’ve noted before, my mother is very into this and has been doing it for decades. Decades! It is very disturbing, and I have also seen how people’s faith can be shaken during hard times due to this sort of divination, premonition-chasing, and impression-seeking.

  6. jason says:

    I have lots of family who have read her book. I’d love to read this perspective on young’s books

  7. Lindsey says:

    I would be interested in reading Another Jesus Calling.
    Last year I purchased the Jesus Calling Storybook Bible for my girls, and the bible stories themselves and sweet, and the illustrations are just darling, but the Jesus Calling inserts were always a bit odd to me, so I often skipped over them. I couldn’t figure out how to help my children understand their perspective and just didn’t feel comfortable.
    I’ve also seen Jesus Calling EVERYWHERE, and just a couple of weeks ago, in search of a devotional, I finally purchased one for myself, but got home and started thinking about my purchase. Google brought me here, and I have since learned why I felt uneasy about the Jesus Calling books. I’ve since returned my copy and found a different Children’s Bible for my girls.

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  9. Julie Clemens says:

    Please enter me in the drawing. Thank you.

  10. Janet J. says:

    I would love to win a copy.

  11. Elizabeth says:

    Thanks again for encouragement to stand firm for Him, our Lord Jesus Christ!

  12. Jack Morrow says:

    I don’t know anyone–yet–who’s falling for this, but I suspect that will come. I’ve liked Warren Smith’s books in the past, and I’m sure this is as good as his others. And I’m not one to pass on the chance to get a free book. 😉

  13. Cindy says:

    I had purchased this book a while ago but hadn’t really gotten into reading it. My daughter’s church is using this book this year for devotional time instead of reading through the bible in a year. She told me that I needed to read the introduction of the book to hear Sarah Young’s testimony. I did read it and had begun to read the book also. But, on friday when in my car I was listening to Janet Parsels ( not sure if that is her last name ) and she had a man on there talking about Sarah’s book Jesus Calling. By the time the show was done I was alarmed at what the man had shared about this book. It definately does have some New Age Lingo in it! Scarey indeed! And then in church today one of our pastors was promoting this book for devotions. I am very concerned for the body of Christ being led into deception! We must pray for our brothers and sisters in Christ! We trully are in the last days. I would love to win this free copy but if not I will end of purchasing it for myself and others.

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