Religious extremism in Syria and Nigeria

My latest article for WORLD was posted yesterday. It addresses the attempts by the most extreme Islamist group in Syria to impose Sharia on the people of Raqqa, Syria. 

Crosses on churches and pealing church bells are a thing of the past in Raqqa, Syria, as long as extreme Islamists remain in power there.

After seizing it last March, militants with the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant, known as ISIL or ISIS, control the province of Raqqa, a region that was until recently at least 10 percent Christian. The militants have torched churches, and destroyed their crosses, replacing them with the group’s black Islamic banner.

Continue reading at WORLD.

Last week, I wrote about the horrible attack on a government school in Nigeria by Islamic extremists who are opposed to Western education.

Islamic militants in Nigeria continued terrorizing civilians last week, setting fire to a locked boy’s dormitory and other buildings at the Federal Government College in Buni Yadi. Fifty-nine people died in the attack.

Although the school was not Christian, some of the victims have been identified as Christians, according to International Christian Concern (ICC). Emmanuel Ogebe, with the Justice for Jos Project, told ICC that the school was one of the few public, non-Islamic schools in the region.

You can find the entire story at WORLD.

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