Canadian Teachers Fight for Religious Freedom

When you think of religious persecution, the Middle East, Africa and many repressed countries come to mind quickly. But the advance of secularism in Canada, especially Quebec, has led to the outrage of Christians as well as individuals of other faiths who say that certain mandates infringe on their rights. This is especially true in the realm of education.

This week WORLD published my article on a legal fight in Canada by a Jesuit high school over a curriculum mandated in 2008:

A Canadian private school wants the right to modify a curriculum that requires all religions, including Wicca and paganism, to be taught as “equally valid,” World Net Daily reports. The school says the government-mandated curriculum infringes on its religious rights.

Quebec province adopted a mandatory “Ethics and Religious Culture” curriculum in 2008 for all public and private schools, impacting Christian, Sikh, Muslim, and other institutions. Loyola High School, run by Jesuits, began challenging the law in 2008 because it conflicts with Catholic teachings. The school wants to teach students in a way consistent with Catholicism.

Continue reading at WORLD.

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