An Ordinary Pastor Explains the Problem of ‘Sola Experiencia’

Thanks to Marcia Montenegro and Sola Sisters I found this great post on Ordinary Pastor about the problem of relying on experience. Since this is an issue I write a lot about here at Steak and a Bible, I just have to share it.

Ordinary Pastor (Erik Raymond) writes, “ We have a culture awash in a neo-gnosticism that gobbles up personal experience like samples at Costco. We cannot resist them. Then we have people everywhere telling their own stories and then interpreting them with authority. And of course we have a church that goes right along with it to reinforce sola experiencia to the thousands who attend each Sunday morning.”

He explains how this presents difficulties in evangelism, and goes to Scripture to show us that we’re supposed to rely on the Bible because it is “more sure” than any experience.

Check it out.

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