MacArthur on Discernment

In case you missed it, John MacArthur has a three-part (three so far anyway) series this week called A Recipe for Discernment at the Grace to You blog.

MacArthur writes:

We cannot simply flow with the current of our age. We cannot elevate love while downplaying truth. We cannot promote unity by repressing sound doctrine. We cannot learn to be discerning by making an idol out of tolerance. By adopting those attitudes, the church has opened her gates to all of Satan’s Trojan horses.

God gives us the truth of His Word, and He commands us to guard it and pass it on to the next generation. Frankly, the current generation is failing miserably in this task. Our failure to discern has all but erased the line between biblical Christianity and reckless faith. The church is filled with doctrinal chaos, confusion, and spiritual anarchy. Few seem to notice, because Christians have been conditioned by years of shallow teaching to be broad minded, superficial, and noncritical. Unless there is a radical change in the way we view truth, the church will continue to wane in influence, become increasingly worldly, and move further and further into all sorts of error.

How can we cultivate discernment? What needs to happen if the church is going to reverse the trends and recover a biblical perspective?

Here’s Part 1, Part 2 and Part 3. The pieces are adapted from his book Reckless Faith, which I highly recommend if you’re looking for more on this subject.

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1 Response to MacArthur on Discernment

  1. Jen says:

    I’ve been reading these posts and agree with you, they are excellent. I’m unfamiliar with Reckless Faith and will have to look into it.

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