My posts have been sparse lately and I wanted to explain why and give my readers some idea of when I’ll be back in action.

I took on an extra freelancing job for the last month and half that, once added to all of my other jobs, maxed me out. It was a great opportunity and an immense challenge and I’m grateful for it. But I’ll be happy when it is done and my life returns to “normal.”

I’m wrapping things up on that assignment this week and then taking a vacation (to Iceland and then France) and stepping away from all my jobs for more than a week. It will be lovely. My kindle is full of books to read while I’m in airports and on trains, including Tullian Tchividjian’s “One Way Love” which I’m eager to read after hearing this episode of Fighting for the Faith. That sermon on Romans! Wow.

I’ll be back in the states mid-June ( hopefully recharged once the jet lag wears off) and eager to blog more regularly.

In the meantime, here’s my latest story about international persecution for WORLD. It’s about the adoption of Shariah law in Brunei.

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1 Response to Greetings!

  1. Ada says:

    Iceland? Sounds like fun!

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