Uh Oh. Rob Bell is Back

Like a zombie, Rob Bell, the postmodern, hell-denying, universal salvation-affirming former pastor, is back in the news. Stand Up for the Truth noticed that the OC Register recently had a new article interviewing Bell and others about “rethinking” the Bible.

I, for one, wish people would stop talking to Bell about the Bible. Also, please stop labeling him as an “evangelical.” He’s been tearing down the Bible for years and even if his theology was sound, which is isn’t, listening to him is a linguistic nightmare. I wonder if he took a course in postmodern grammar or something. He suffers from (or perhaps relishes his) lack of clarity and directness.

But the OC Register did talk to him and other people trying to make the Bible say what they want it to say (like Matthew Vines). Bell told them, “We’re in a moment of history where things are shifting.” Bell and the others they quoted are all “questioning traditional claims” about the Bible.

According to the story, Bell’s latest online project “offers an alternative view of Scripture as a ‘library of books written by humans.'” Bell has rejected orthodoxy and because of that we should reject to be taken in by his views.

The OC Register’s story should serve as a reminder that the wolves are on the prowl. Interestingly, the newspaper reported that “fewer Americans than ever read the Bible or even regard it as sacred.” Although the paper didn’t make the connect, it is precisely that lack of biblical literacy that allows why Bible-twisters and reinventors like Bell to gain popularity instead of the rebukes and calls to repentance they need.


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