Don’t Miss List: Meditation, Reformation and More

How to Discern Between Biblical Meditation and the Unbiblical Kind

As new age meditation becomes commonplace in our culture it is imperative that we Christians understand the difference between what the Bible means when it says to meditate on God’s word and eastern and dangerous religious practices that are so popular today. Marsha West tackles meditation and what is biblical at Stand Up for the Truth.

Martin Luther and Christ’s Righteousness

Reformation Day is coming soon and Nathan Busenitz has a great post at The Cripplegate about “The Monk Who Wasn’t Good Enough,” about how Martin Luther came to understand he could not ever be righteous. “In 1513 and 1514, while lecturing through the Psalms and studying the book of Romans, Luther came to realize the glorious truth that had escaped him all those years before: The righteousness of God revealed in the gospel is not merely the righteous requirement of God—of which all men fall short (Rom. 3:23)—but also the righteous provision of God whereby, in Christ, God imputes Christ’s righteousness to those who believe (Rom. 5:1-2, 18),” he writes.

The Bible Isn’t About You, It’s About God

Sharon Hodde Miller shares a personal struggle with consistency and how studying the Bible the right way (not self-ward, but God-ward) changes our “bent souls.” “And slowly, my soul is becoming un-bent. My mind isn’t dwelling on myself, my fears, my doubts, or my shame, because it’s dwelling on Him,” Miller writes. This is something for every Christian, not just Christian women to hear.

Podcast: Mooneyham, Meyer and Warren

Lastly, Fighting for the Faith tackles Heath Mooneyham’s bizarre “manly” and unbiblical church, troubling Joyce Meyer teachings and more Bible twisting from Rick Warren. Podcast available here.

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