Grace In Our Relationships

I’ve been reading Jim Essian’s book, “Like Father, Like Sons: Meditations on God our Father” and even though I’m not a parent yet (and obviously will never be a father) I’m learning so much about God the father and how to instruct others in God’s grace. It’s convicting let me tell you.

Essian’s book eloquently reminds what grace looks like: “Grace is not cute and sweet. Grace is God on a tree — a bloody cross and an empty tomb. Grace is costly for the giver, but free for the recipient. Grace will tear you apart, and then put you back together. Biblical grace is powerful.”

When it comes to child rearing, he writes, “The only hope therefore, is that we would lavish the same grace the Father has given us on our children, partnering with them, unsurprised by their sin, standing ready to extend grace — the same grace we have received.”

But that got me thinking that it isn’t just with our children that we need to lavish this grace. We should lavish this grace on others in all of our relationships. Now that’s a challenge.


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