When Sin Gets the Better of You…

Last week was a tough week for me. Frustrating. Stressful. Difficult. The weekend was better, but yesterday the stress began to mount and I cracked. Again.

Sin got the best of me. Words came flying out of my mouth that shouldn’t have. I sat down to read my Bible last night and it just happens that I’m reading through Romans right now. With the weight of the days sins hanging over me I read through Romans 7 and 8.

I challenge you, next time you’re filled with regret over a lost battle with sin read these two chapters. I’ve read them many times, but never have they hit me as hard as they did last night. I was comforted as I read of Paul’s own admission to the war raging between his desire to walk in the Holy Spirit and his failures to do so. Then I was uplifted by Romans 8 when it reminded me that because of God’s incredible love and grace I won’t be condemned because I am in Christ. Even more incredible, not only am I not condemned, but I’ve been adopted like a son and made an heir by God. I deserve to be condemned for my sins, but I won’t be. When the pain of sin is heavy, that’s when the reminder of grace is most amazing.

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