Remembering the Reformers

Although I do not consider myself Reformed in the theological sense of the word (I share some of those views, but not all of them), I still look upon the Protestant Reformation with gratitude for the men God used to fight for truth, for the recovery of the gospel and especially the principle of the Bible being the “ultimate authority” for Christians (Sola Scriptura).

So this week I’ll be posting several pieces about the Reformers beginning with “The Reformation and the Men Behind It.” In this piece, Steven Lawson introduces the Protestant Reformation, putting it into context within history, and then several key players of the Reformation.

“They were emboldened by deep convictions as to the truth and a love for Christ’s church that drove them to attempt to bring it back to its timeless standard. In the simplest terms, they longed to see God’s people worship Him according to Scripture. These men were shining lights in a dark day,” Lawson writes.

You can find Lawson’s entire article at Ligonier.

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