Don’t Miss List: Christmas, Bell is Back (Uh Oh), 1 Kings and More

I’ll keep it short and sweet this week because I’m swamped with Christmas festivities and preparations at the moment.

Christmas is No Sin

That’s my view anyway, and the view of Sola Sisters who have a compelling post (and links to related articles) addressing one of the false teachings of the Hebrew Roots movement and specifically the origins of its claim that celebrating Christmas is sinful. Take a look. They also have an older post about their love for Christmas celebration in light of their New Age background that is worth the read.

Bell’s Twisted Theology, Now on TV

It seems Rob Bell just won’t leave the limelight. Even though he is not an evangelical by any sort of definition, Bell and his twisted teachings somehow continues to get attention from Christians who ought to know better.  Now he’ll be propagating his unbiblical views through a television show, The Rob Bell Show on OWN (Oprah’s network). Bell considers Oprah a spiritual mentor, even though she is a universalist. MLive reported that Bell said, “she has taught me more about what Jesus has for all of us, and what kind of life Jesus wants us to live, more than almost anybody in my life.” Stand up for the Truth has more on the story and plenty of links that expose Bell’s faulty theology.

The Significance of the Still, Small Voice (It isn’t what you’d expect)

Matthias Media’s Briefing looks at 1 Kings 19:11-12 and the all too-often misused verse about the still small voice. This helpful examination looks at the verses in context and finds a much more significant meaning than you may have heard before.

A Question and Answer about Being a Friend to the Person You Date (or Marry) from Boundless

I found a lot to appreciate in this post by Candice Watters including this quote, “Good friends are a blessing, but not the norm. That’s true in part because we live in a fallen world marred by sin where relationships are hard to cultivate. Like the thorns and thistles foretold in Genesis 3, our relationships naturally produce strife, tension and turmoil. It takes great care and effort to nurture healthy, whole, God-honoring, life-affirming friendships.”

Christmas Song: Brandon Heath’s “Just a Girl”

Brandon Heath takes a bit of creative license to imagine what the innkeeper was thinking the night of the birth of Jesus in this beautiful new Christmas song.

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