Don’t Miss List: Red Lights, Skip These Songs on Sunday and Marcus Borg

There’s been some great stuff published online recently about false teaching, worship and theology. So here’s the latest Don’t Miss List.

Red Lights by Dan Phillips of Pyromaniacs

Dan Phillips came up with an excellent 24-point list of warning signs to look for when evaluating a Bible teacher. Just a few of my favorites were “He casts doubt on the existence of crystal-clear fundamentals, or makes much of their subjective, varied nature,” “He talks about things God says to him personally that He doesn’t say to anyone else,” and “He makes a big deal of how we don’t worship book. Again, the point is so obvious and undisputed as not to need saying. Also often code for “need not worship according to this book.Check out the full list at Pyromaniacs.

Let’s Stop Singing These 10 Worship Songs – Corrie Mitchell at On Faith

Confession time. I’ve always had a music addiction, from childhood until now. I have music on much of the time and I listen to it in a very intense way, feeling the emotion being conveyed. It is not totally unusual for me cry listening to the radio. So, when it comes to worship music and what qualifies as “worship,” I have some strong opinions. That’s why I appreciated this post by Corrie Mitchell of the 10 Worship Songs to drop out of rotation. Mitchell supplies a reason for each, ranging from lack of theology or errant theology to, is this about God or my boyfriend? This list includes 10 to ditch (there are likely many more), but applying these principles is a great start to get church music right.

The Death of Marcus Borg, Christian Panentheist – Mark Tooley

While I don’t love the headline because scripturally you can’t be a Christian panentheist, this is an excellent look at Marcus Borg and his beliefs. Borg recently died and there have been a wave of posts praising him. Mark Tooley’s article is a reminder that while it is appropriate to pray for his loved ones in their time of grief, it is also important to realize Borgs views and teachings were not in line with biblical Christianity.


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