Don’t Miss List: Defending Creationism from Scripture and Thoughts on Marriage and Gay Affirming Churches

Today’s don’t miss list involves some big issues.

Biblical Reasons to Believe That the Creation Days Were 24-Hour Periods – DBTS

I’m a creationist. I am a creationist because I believe what the Bible says. But there are many people who want to find alternative readings of Genesis to rule out young Earth creationism. That’s why I found this post from Detroit Baptist Theological Seminary extremely helpful. It is a rebuttal to a recent story criticizing the YEC viewpoint.

Love is not a feeling, it’s a choice – Samantha at Christian Living for Women

This post is an excellent reminder of how the Bible talks about love, commands us to love and how different that is from the society’s concept of love that we are often bombarded with. Looking at love through the lens of scripture, Samantha gets to the very best expression of love in all of human history: the gospel.

Next up, I have a couple of related links regarding gay marriage and gay-affirming churches:

First, Denny Burk takes aim at “An ‘evangelical’ church in Nashville embraces gay marriage.” Burk identifies that the church’s theology on the matter actually shifted years ago, and no one seemed to notice.

Regarding this trend, Burk said, “I think GracePointe Community Church does exemplify a trend, but not the one that Diaz thinks. Gay marriage and homosexuality are going to become the occasion for a great winnowing of the evangelical ranks, and we are going to be seeing a lot of that in days to come. Those churches that have been evangelical in name only and that have not been conducting themselves with biblical integrity are going to get exposed on this issue. Many of these “evangelical” churches will buckle under pressure (like GracePointe) and will be known as “formerly evangelical” in very short order. For that reason, GracePointe’s falling away is not the future of evangelicalism but of former evangelicalism. And that is a big difference.”

Second, Dr. James White recently preached on marriage and teaches that since God is our creator, it is his right to define what marriage is, and God has defined it.

Third, Juicy Ecumenism shows what happens when a polyamory supporter uses the logic of a gay-affirming pastor to promote polyamory. She also quotes Owen Strachan’s warning that “there are no brakes on this speeding train.” Why? Because, as Chelsen Vicari concluded at Juicy Ecumenism, “Once the truth has been twisted, there can be no more distinct line by which we measure right versus wrong.”

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