Kevin DeYoung Explains Why the Bible Is Not Like Ikea Instructions

This session with Kevin DeYoung from the recently held Shepherd’s Conference Inerrancy Summit is fantastic. I’m actually listening to it for a second time, that’s how good it is.

He examines what Jesus himself said of the Scriptures and concludes, “If you want a Messiah who plays fast and loose with the Scriptures you’ll have to find one other than Jesus.”

He takes a look at what Jesus meant when he said he fulfills Scripture, rather than abolishing it.

Another couple of killer quotes from DeYoung’s message:

“If you worship a Christ who subverts, in any tiny speck of a way, the authority of Scripture — J.I. Packer I got this from him — he said, ‘You’re guilty of breaking the second commandment because you have made a god for your own liking.’ Because the God whom we worship in Jesus Christ does nothing to undermine the authority of Scripture. But says in the most emphatic language possible, ‘I have not come to abolish any of it.”

“If you want to find Christ you must run to the Bible, there are no shortcuts. And if you run to the Bible, run there to find Christ.”

I encourage you to watch or listen to the whole thing for yourself. It will make you laugh as well as think seriously about the Bible and how Christians needs to think about Scripture.


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