Don’t Miss List: Old Testament Importance, Tyndale (in Toon) and More

It’s been some time since I put together a Don’t Miss List for you all. My stack of links to catch up on is pretty big now, but here are some of my favorites. I’ve got a church checkup, an interview with David Murray and a cartoon for you.

9 Marks of an Unhealthy Church – Rev. Kevin DeYoung

I appreciate DeYoung’s straightforward writing style. In this post, he takes a look at 9 “marks” of an unhealthy church, but they’re more subtle than you might expect. A good list for a church check up.

The Importance of Teaching the Old Testament – Gospel Centered Family

GCF interviewed David Murray, the author of Jesus on Every Page. I’ve read about 60 percent of the book and it is fantastic. He does such a great job of showing how the old and new testaments relate to one another, point to Jesus and affirm that salvation is by faith in Jesus alone in both testaments. It’s a two-part interview on the subject of teaching the Old Testament. He addresses why it matters and how to do it.

“A short biographical doodle” of William Tyndale –

A cartoon rendering of William Tyndale’s bio. If you aren’t familiar, Tyndale was a Christian martyr who translated the Bible into English. Very neat.

A Brief Defense of Infant Baptism – Rev. Kevin DeYoung

I owe Tim Challies the hat tip for this find. While I don’t hold to infant baptism, I had never heard this explanation for why certain denominations baptize babies. I found it enlightening.

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