Don’t Miss List: Stanley’s Continued Slide, Peace with God, True Love and More

I missed a lot while I was away so this is a smattering of things from recent weeks about Andy Stanley, discernment and the A.D. TV show, love, peace with God and atheism.

The Slide of Andy Stanley Away from Truth Continues

First, Entreating Favor takes a look at Stanley’s recent remarks about homosexuality and the problems with them. Then Pulpit and Pen has a solid take down of Stanley’s breathtakingly arrogant attack on verse-by-verse preaching, that also proves what Stanley preaches (himself).

Do Not Be Surprised Shares Martin Lloyd-Jones’ thoughts on Peace with God

Well, worth reading.

Podcast: Stand Up for the Truth Talks A.D. The Series

If you’ve been reading this site, you know what frustrates me about A.D. (and almost every TV show and movie about the Bible). Stand Up for the Truth recently had a program devoted to discussing the show and took callers. Check it out.

Denny Burk Reacts to WaPo Column: How to take Christ Out of Christianity

Atheists are demanding Christian churches make room for them to be involved. Denny Burk responds. 

3 Things True Love Is Not

First let me say I have a love/hate view when it comes to Relevant Magazine. This post for example, is pretty good (it’s not theological). But the magazine’s promotion of just about anyone who claims to be a Christian regardless of whether their beliefs line up with Scripture is a huge problem and a reason to be extremely cautious and discerning with Relevant.

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    Thanks for sharing these links…especially the ones about Andy Stanley’s slide

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