Don’t Miss List for May 22, 2015

Before you check out for the three-day weekend or beach getaway or whatever you’re doing this Memorial Day, here’s a Don’t Miss List.

Stand Up for the Truth Exposes the Danger of Contemplative Prayer

There’s an unbiblical kind of prayer being widely promoted within Christian churches today and it is dangerous. Don’t be caught off guard or deceived by these practices. Listen here. 

Rick Warren’s Latest Scripture Twist: Promoting “Storehouse” tithing/Word Faith nonsense

I actually hope to write about why Christians are not required to tithe in an upcoming blog post (we are commanded to give cheerfully, not to give a prescribed amount), but I haven’t gotten there yet. I wish I had before Rick Warren jumped into the Word of Faith camp where they claim you have to give in order to be blessed by God. This is a lie and a manipulation. Don’t fall for it. Read and watch more about this from Psalm 12 Outreach.

John MacArthur Addresses the Myths of Mary Magdalene

Happy to see Pastor MacArthur and Grace to You exposing “extrabiblical mythology” about Mary Magdalene right now, as AD The Series continues to embellish and distort the New Testament each week on NBC. He then shared the biblical truth about her from the gospel accounts in a follow up post today.

Sharing the Gospel With Complete Strangers

Greg Stier shares about the blessing of sharing the gospel with strangers here. It’s well worth reading.

Warnings about Beth Moore

My Twitter friend Elizabeth shared this last week on her site The End Time and it’s incredibly important. Beth Moore is an extremely popular teacher, but what she teaches often fails to line up with the Bible. I think I’ve warned previously about Moore’s poor exegesis as well as my concerns over her claims of direct revelation, but this post shows that there are huge problems with her basic theology of sin.

Elizabeth excerpted an episode of Issues Etc, where a Lutheran Pastor addresses Moore’s Bible studies. The episode can also be found here. Although I disagree with his criticism of Moore regarding the sacraments (I do believe the Lord’s Supper is symbolic and not literal), he is right on in much of what he says.

Heads LGBTs Win, Tails Christians Lose

The American Conservative exposes the Catch 22 Christian businesses face when it comes to gay weddings. Refuse service and get sued. Provide service and then get attacked.

BBC Says Martin Luther’s 16th Century Notes Were Found

A first edition of On the Freedom of A Christian, written by Luther in 1520, with his own notes in it was found in a library in France, BBC reported yesterday.

And finally, a song. 

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