From Liberate: We Are All The Duggars

Chad Bird and Daniel Emery Price evaluate the Duggar scandal at and rightly assess why “We are all the Duggars.”

They write:

“What happened within this family is many things—tragic and abusive, shameful and selfish, destructive and deceptive. It is all manner of evil, no matter how you look it. But there is one thing that it is surely not: it is not surprising. Not in the least. The only ones stunned by this revelation of abuse are most likely those who assume that the Duggar family image on their reality show does, in fact, accurately reflect reality. But there is no reason why this family’s secret should be shocking, especially to the Christian. The Duggars are not the pristine, ideal family that their television show portrays them as being. They never have been, nor will they ever be. Nor is any family. They are parents, sons, and daughters who have a civil war raging within each of them. It just so happens that Josh’s particular battles, and the pain he inflicted upon others as a result, have taken center stage.”

But they didn’t stop merely with a diagnosis of their sin problem (and our own). The writers remind readers of the good news too:

“The greatest witness that Christians can present to the world is not their own morality, their ideal family, or their dream marriage, but their weaknesses and sins and failures, all of which have been atoned for by the crucified and resurrected Jesus. Our witness is never, ‘Look at how well we’re doing at being good,’ but always, ‘Look at the good Savior who died for our evils.'”

I appreciated Mr. Bird and Mr. Price’s take on this issue. Read it in its entirety here.

I hope to find time in the coming days to share some of my own thoughts about the Duggars and the concerning theology they’ve embraced.

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