Praising God for Answered Prayers

It’s always an incredible thing to see God answer prayer. Especially when He shows you through His answer that He knew far better than you did, what you needed.

For months, ever since my very good friend Sara learned she was pregnant, she and a bunch of friends and family have been praying for this pregnancy. The pregnancy was a surprise, and it was extremely high risk and unlikely that she could carry the baby to full term. Sara asked us all to pray that she wouldn’t have her child (it’s a boy!) until he was at 32 weeks gestation. So we prayed our hearts out.

Labor came much earlier (just shy of 29 weeks) than Sara had hoped. She had Caden one month ago last week. He’s still in the hospital  and although there have been bumps along the way he’s growing and breathing and eating and really well.

God was good. He answered all of our prayers by keeping Sara and Caden safe and bringing him into this world.

But he didn’t give Sara what she had wanted.

As Sara shared with us last week, “32 weeks was what I wanted. And after the birth, not knowing the goal I had in my head, what I thought Caden and I needed. my doctor told me it looked so bad in there that he was sure I would have had a uterine rupture around 32 weeks. Without warning. 45 minutes from a hospital able to do an emergency c section. What I wanted would likely have killed both of us.”

Thankfully, God knows better than we do.

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1 Response to Praising God for Answered Prayers

  1. mariaholm says:

    Our God is so good

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