Concern in Nepal Over Proposed Constitution

My latest article for WORLD is about Christian groups’ fears that a proposed constitution in Nepal will limit or even ban religious conversion. 

Christians and Muslims in Nepal are criticizing the draft version of a new constitution that bans religious conversion.

Spurred to action by the recent earthquake, Nepal’s government introduced the draft for public comment on June 30, Reuters reported. Religious minorities are concerned about its impact on their religious freedom and the government’s haste to finalize the document as soon as August.

Christian Solidarity Worldwide (CSW) warned language about religious conversion in the draft version “fails to allow for choosing and changing one’s faith to be seen as a positive individual choice or as a matter of individual rights, as required and guaranteed by international treaties.”

Continue reading at WORLD.

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1 Response to Concern in Nepal Over Proposed Constitution

  1. Monica chege says:

    Hey am so shocked by this, it is very serious May God help them

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