Resources to Help You Study the Bible for Yourself

A couple days ago I was asked for some advice about studying the Bible. Since that subject was on my mind I decided to share some things that may be helpful to folks as they study the Word of God for themselves.

John MacArthur shares some practice advice here (audio and transcript) on the danger of misinterpreting the Bible and how best to avoid it. has many resources. One in particular that I think can be useful are outlines of each book of the Bible. But the dictionaries and encyclopedias couldalso be useful in understanding the text and the times and places written about in Scripture. There’s also an app version for the iPhone users (never used it. I have an android).

Herman Who? DVD and study guide by WRETCHED is a hermeneutics course on DVD. It’s purpose is to teach people how to study the Bible correctly and not be deceived by false teachers. Bonus: Todd Friel is a funny guy so you won’t get bored watching this.

Women of the Word is a book that I should cultivate a desire to study the Bible for yourself and equip you to do it. Jen Wilkin does a great job of explaining some wrong ways of studying the Bible and why they are wrong, and then teaches how to study the Word in context and with proper interpretation and application.

If you’ve ever struggled to understand how the Old Testament is relevant for Christians and how it works together with the New Testament, Jesus on Every Page is the book to read. Dr. David Murray shares his own story of struggling to know how to teach and preach the OT and what he learned along the way.

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