Don’t Miss List: Anxiety, Comfort and How Not to Preach the Word

It’s been too long since I put one of these together so here goes nothing.

Anxious? The Psalms have a lot to say

Grace to You has a compilation of Psalms for the anxious here.

Depressed? Hurting? A Sermon Series That May Bring You Comfort

Preaching from some of my favorite chapters of the gospel of John, Pastor John MacArthur’s sermon series: Comfort for Troubled Hearts can do just that. The third sermon particularly ministered to me during a time of distress.

Don’t Fall for Preaching/Teaching Like This!

There’s a lot of false teaching in the world today. That’s why I appreciate Fighting for the Faith so much. The best part of this particular podcast is Ryan Stokes: Proof Jesus Was a Pirate. It’s a perfect illustration of how easy it is to preach the Word incorrectly. I highly recommend listening to that segment (at least). It starts around 51 minutes into the broadcast.

Janet Mefferd: Anatomy of an Evangelical Scandal

Yep, this is pretty much what the scandals look like no matter who is involved.

What Grace Isn’t

Sean Lucas explores “what grace isn’t,” at Reformation 21, the blog of the Alliance of Confessing Evangelicals.

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