Thoughts about the Refugee Crisis from a Pastor on the Front Lines

The refugee crisis in Europe has been in the headlines for months and probably won’t go away anytime soon. A couple of months ago I interviewed some people living in Hungary, about the situation. One of my contacts was Calvary Chapel Pastor Phil Metzger.

Recently, he shared his own thoughts about the refugee crisis and how to find balance on the subject. His article was posted on the Calvary Chapel website.

It seems that if you mention how sad you are for the plight of the refugees then you must be a bleeding heart with very little insight into the geopolitical ramifications. If you express any form of concern regarding the refugees than you are seen as a cold-hearted person with no sympathies for the plight of the suffering. (You probably hate baby seals too!)

Is there any balance that can be found as to how we understand the present “refugee” situation? I’d like to make a few suggestions …

He offers four good suggestions. I recommend reading the rest of his article: Love, Hate & Refugees: Finding biblical balance on the issue of the age.

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