A Succinct Critique of the Amplified Version of the Bible

I’ve been meaning to share this critique of the Amplified Bible for some time, but I kept losing track of which episodes of Fighting for the Faith mentioned it.

Thankfully, in a recent Hillsong update Chris Rosebrough, @PirateChristian, once again explained why the Amplified Bible isn’t a good source for studying the Bible properly.

Pastor and podcaster Chris Rosebrough explains, “You do not want to use the amplified [bible] to study God’s word. The amplified translation uses what’s called illegitimate totality transfer … Illegitimate totality transfer is the error that it engages in. Basically it pours every lexical meaning of a word into every instance in which it appears. But words have multiple meanings and it only has one meaning in a particular context so the amplified ignores that context and pours every meaning of a word every time it appears in every instance. That’s no way to understand what God’s word is saying.”

Audio here at the 45 minute mark.

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