Don’t Miss List: Scripture, Archaeology, Books and TV

This week’s Don’t Miss List is absolutely brimming with content, so let’s get started.

Biblical Context for the Top Ten Biblical Archaeological Discoveries of 2015

If you ever daydreamed about being an archaeologist someday like I once did (blame Indiana Jones) then this should interest you. Bible Gateway builds on a recent Christianity Today story about archaeological finds from last year, and how they fit into the history presented in scripture.

Back to Basics on Scripture

This isn’t new, but this back to basics series about the scriptures from The Master’s Seminary Journal (posted at Biblical Missiology) will never stop being relevant and important.

Quit Quoting C.S. Lewis

Pastor Mike Abendroth of No Compromise Radio has an important message here, and a good reason for it. Guaranteed to step on some toes.

How Can I Experience the Presence of Jesus? – Herescope

In this Herescope post Steven Hudgik does something I’ve actually had a mind to do for some time, and that is to compare the way the “presence” of Jesus is discussed in the book Jesus Calling, to the way it is treated in the Bible itself. Hint: NOT at all the same way. This is an invaluable read given that book’s tremendous popularity.

Call It Genocide – ACLJ

The ACLJ makes the case that the targeted of Christians within the Middle East does rise to the definition of “genocide.”

ABC’s Show about King David Might Put Explicit Sex Scenes Online Only

I don’t know which I have a bigger problem with. The fact that ABC is gonna make a show about King David which is certain to be butchered and miss the point. Or the fact that the show (Kings and Prophets) may have explicit content (even if it’s online only). For both reasons, I won’t be watching in March.

“Woman, Just Try Harder!” – Amy Spreeman/Berean Research

My friend Amy reflects on the time when she was a new believer and got caught up in a number of “Bible studies” that all amounted to the same thing: Do more, try harder! Law, without gospel and in many cases the list of habits, or disciplines weren’t even biblical. She includes specific criticism of several popular books marketed to woman. So ladies, please read and be on guard.

The new Pope video

Lastly, have you watched the new Pope video for yourself? He’s sounding more and more like a universalist these days. I’m not Catholic, so I’m curious what the Catholics out there make of this.


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