One of the Most Essential Messages I’ve Ever Heard

Estimating conservatively, I’ve listened to hundreds of podcasts and sermons in my life. Many have edified me, convicted me or taught me. But the sermon/lecture in the latter half of this episode of Fighting for the Faith is one of the best and most important I’ve ever listened to. I hope many of you decide to listen to it.

Although entitled “Ramblings on Sola Scriptura,” that name minimizes how much Pastor Chris Rosebrough delves into other matters of the mind and heart. Yes, it addresses whether Jesus taught Sola Scriptura and what the application of Sola Scriptura looks like practically? But it covers so much more. What does the Bible say about how we should think about God, the world and everything? How does Satan try to defeat Christians (with the same lie again and again)? What does idolatry really look like (hint: it isn’t bowing to a golden statue. It’s elevating your own opinions or some other human’s views above God’s own words) Objective sources of knowledge versus subjective ones.
He even goes into detail explaining the Pharisees and where their systems of the thought and “commands of men” came from.
Truly, I think every believer in Jesus needs to listen to this message and see if they are believing what God said, or have been taking in by the Devil’s crafty message of “Did God really say?” on some issue or another.
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